In order to help people grasp the framework of our philosophy, we created an acronym that expresses what we feel should be the components of education:

F-Follow a child’s interests, passions, learning style, and learning pace

L-Liberal Arts Education (Classical Education) allows children to learn freely through exploration, dialogue of their thoughts and opinions, and by interaction with Living Books/Classic literature, the school community and the world

O-Open to exploring and respecting others’ perspectives, backgrounds and worldviews for understanding  and without fear of compromising their own beliefs

W-Worldview based on Biblical teachings

I-Independence and Self Motivation develop in children as they grow and develop in life

N-Nature School is an integral part of a child’s growth and development. We are inspired by the work of Erin Kenny and the Cedarsong Way school philosophy.

G-Government is based on a child lead democracy

The acronym spells out the word FLOWING, because this is what we feel children should be able to experience each day, to enjoy flowing through the day, experience all that God would have them to and pursuing every passion that God has placed in their hearts. Our organization seeks to support schools and programs that are inspired by this philosophy.